PECTEC - Perforation, Embossing, Cutting

Micah Israel

I am a big health advocate. I believe that your health, diet and activities play a huge role in how you feel and your productiveness. So my main hobbies are body building, personal training and video editing.

Micah Israel

General Manager

Hi, my name is Micah Israel. I graduated SCC with an associates degree in Computer Science in 2001. I studied aircraft airframe repair at GTC in 2004 for my
Airframe License and FCC License. I started my career in the metal industry working for Lockheed Martin Aerospace for about 9 years. In 2015, I joined the PECTEC team and have been a proud and honored part of the core team since.

PECTEC has room for growth as a person both individually and professionally. I came on board as a floor supervisor in January 2015. Since then, I have been promoted to General Manager. As the GM, I am responsible for all operations and product financials. Dependability is key to me, I will follow through with everything I start and keep my word.

I have been blessed to be with PECTEC for 7 years and counting. PECTEC has been a great company to be a part of and grow with all of my coworkers. This company has great perks and room to grow and has been there for me with ups and downs in my personal life as well.

PECTEC - Perforation, Embossing, Cutting
Founded in 2014, PECTEC Corporation is an experienced, and innovative company serving the American markets with micro-perforated, embossed top-quality metal foils and metal products.
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