PECTEC - Perforation, Embossing, Cutting

Cole Swainson

I love Motocross.

Cole Swainson

Production Supervisor

Hi, I'm Cole Swainson. I oversee all of production, maintenance, and employees to ensure processes and orders are competed on time and in an efficient manner. I also keep all machines in sound working order. I am persistent in obtaining goals, regardless of the complications. I have been with PECTEC for five years. I love that PECTEC is a family oriented company with passionate and loyal employees.

PECTEC - Perforation, Embossing, Cutting
Founded in 2014, PECTEC Corporation is an experienced, and innovative company serving the American markets with micro-perforated, embossed top-quality metal foils and metal products.
151 Corporate Drive, Suites A - G
Spartanburg, SC 29303, USA
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