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Metal foils and products for the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

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Metal foils and products for the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

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All perforated materials can be embossed and processed to customer requirements.

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Our embossing process is tooled to produce two types of embossing, either large ball calotte or small ball calotte up to a coil width of 55 “(1400 mm).

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To make the next processing steps in our customer´s facilities easier, we can provide embossed material cut to the requested size.

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PECTEC is converting non-ferrous metal foils into semi-finished high-quality products customized for reinforcing, shielding, insulations and encapsulations used in in automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications.

With our products, we support our customers to achieve the highest goals of noise and heat protection. We are proud to take an essential part to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by delivering the products that our customers need for their lightweight multi-functional components.

Our product range includes but is not limited to:

  • Plain aluminum foils, strips and sheets

  • Adhesive coated aluminum foils

  • Embossed aluminum foils, strips and sheets

  • Micro-perforated aluminum foils

  • High-grade stainless steel foils

  • Customized die-cut and pre-formed metal foils upon customer request

  • Any other metal foils like Copper or Titanium zinc upon customer request




With state-of-the-art embossing and micro-perforation technologies installed, and sustainably operated, in our facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina (USA), we serve regional, national and international customers.
PECTEC Corporation
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Founded in 2014, PECTEC Corporation is an experienced, and innovative company serving the American markets with micro-perforated, embossed top-quality metal foils and metal products.
151 Corporate Drive, Suites A - G
Spartanburg, SC 29303, USA
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