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Every Year a Big Step Forward

Founding of PECTEC USA

PECTEC was founded and developed it's first location in Spartanburg, SC.

2015Start of Production
Start of Production & Delivery

2015 was PECTEC's first year of operation.

With five employees, production began in January.

2016First Expansion
Doubled Our Space to Meet Demand

In 2016 we needed more space to keep up with demand and increase our capabilities.

We doubled our space to 26,000 sq. ft.

2017ISO 9001:2015
Successfully Achieved ISO 9001:2015

This accomplishment demonstrates that PECTEC consistently provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

2018PECTEC Adhesive
Converted All Customers to PECTEC Adhesive

PECTEC converted all of its customers to their newly developed, non-toxic, solvent free coating technology.

2019New 2-Dimensional Press
Invested in New 2-Dimensional Press

To keep up with customer demand for complicated contour designs for 2-dimensional parts, PECTEC invested in a new 2-dimensional press.

2020New 75 Ton Press
Invested in 75 Ton Press

To increase capability with heavier gauge aluminum and to have a larger press bed, PECTEC invested in a 75 ton press.

2021New Stucco Embossing
Invested in New Stucco Embossing

To have more options for meeting the needs of construction, appliances, food, industrial, and insulation. And to achieve new advancements in technology for aluminum insulation jacketing.

2022New ERP System
Implemented New ERP System

PECTEC invested in and implemented a new ERP system that enabled them to go completely paper free on the floor.

2023New 2D Press
Invested in new 2D Press

Invested in new 2D Press to cut alternate substrates such as textiles and foam for different industries.

Founded in 2014, PEC2TEC Corporation is an experienced, and innovative company serving the American markets with micro-perforated, embossed top-quality metal foils and metal products.

151 Corporate Drive, Suites A - G
Spartanburg, SC 29303, USA
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